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New Magnon 8 wagon!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a successor to the well-known and proven Giga Vitesse! This new wagon will be known as the Magnon CFS 8, comprised of the following models: - Magnon CFS 8-370 - Magnon CFS 8-410 - Magnon CFS 8-450These new top of the line machines feature a more compact design, without sacrificing the high quality and performance you have come to expect.Keep a look out for this and other new Magnon models coming your way in the near future!...

July 13, 2023

New Machine Alert - Magnon CFS

Recently we have introduced the Magnon CFS to the range of Strautmann loader wagons. The Magnon is our newest loader wagon that we are bringing to New Zealand to meet the biggest loads head on.  The Magnon includes a capacity of 42m3-52m3, the new Flex-Load pickup, the Exact Cut knife bank and our proven Continuous Flow System.  The new generation of loader wagons is almost here, keep your eyes peeled for them in 2021....

January 8, 2021

A focus on family

The relationship between Hopkins and Strautmann began back in 1983, with John Hopkins completing a search for the best quality loader wagon he could find when he decided on Strautmann wagons from Germany. Ever since, the relationship between Strautmann and Hopkins has continued to strengthen, alongside the passion and commitment dedicated to the brand. Now, Conor Hopkins, the grandson of John Hopkins, has joined as the newest face of the team, representing the third generation of the Hopkins fam...

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