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Zelon - CFS efficiency

The Zelon now offers the Continuous Flow System (CFS) from a loading capacity of 31m3. Given the increased fuel costs, the Zelon forage wagon is able to gain significant benefit compared to other harvesting methods. The CFS unit enables you to load more tonnage per m3, with less time and lower running costs.

Machinery features

  • Loading capacity by volume from 23 - 31m3
  • Continuous Flow System
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Spinal rotor with tine plates
  • 32 double sided knives
  • Power required from 70/95 kW/HP

Models available: 2501, 2901, 3301

Feed out conveyor systems

All Strautmann loader wagons are fitted with feed out conveyor systems. For feeding goats, the Super Vitesse & Zelon machine are particularly suited because of their lighter weight construction, while still maintaining the advantages of the contractors machines