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Verti Mix Double K

Verti Mix Double K - easy towing all rounder

Preservation of the fodder structure, quick mixing, low wear, low maintenance costs, low power required and a slim design – these are the characteristics of today’s classical 2-auger vertical mixers. 

Their disadvantage, however, is the fact that they cannot be equipped with the large tyre sizes (22.5”) without considerable influence on the machine height. This is exactly where Strautmann comes in!

The Verti Mix Double K design, is the first fodder mixing wagon, which, due to its special container design, combines the advantages of the classical vertical mixing wagons with those of the horizontal mixing wagons (slim design, large tyres beside the mixing container) in one machine.

Machinery features

  • Large 22 inch tyres
  • 2.58m load height
  • Usable mixing capacity of 13 – 21 m3
  • Unique container shape for low design

Models available: 1300 Double K, 1500 Double K, 1800 Double K, 2100 Double K

Augar Vario

All new machines are fitted with removable stainless wear plated, enhancing life of machines.

Verti Mix 15k Extra Features

  • Front Cross Conveyer
  • Right hand discharge
  • Left hand discharge
  • Sliding Hydraulic option