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PS Spreader

PS Spreader - For real professionals!

The redesigned spreading unit with an enlarged clearance of 1.65m provides more power compared to the predecessor models. The spreading beaters have a larger diameter of 620mm and are equipped with 12mm strong Hardox tines, which can be turned over or completely replaced when worn. 

Furthermore, the PS Spreader is fitted with a completely redesigned chassis. For permanent protection against corrosion, the frame has been galvanised and its weight considerably reduced by means of an optimised design.

Machinery features

  • Spreading unit clearance of 1.65 m

  • Tandem Steering Axle with Lift Axle

  • ISOBUS Controls with spreading distribution controls

  • Scales provided regulates volume spreading

  • Compatible with GPS

  • Drawbar Suspension

  • Power required from 185 HP

Models available: PS2201, PS2401 and PS3401