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Tip Trailers

Single-axle tipping trailers SEK - The flexible all-rounders

The single-axle tipping trailers SEK 572 - 802 are the classic single-axle tipping trailers for all applications. They are the ideal machines for frequent users having the most diverse areas of application. The tipping trailers are equipped with a conical platform* which ensures clean and quick discharge.

Tandem-axle tipping trailers STK - The universal tipping trailers

The tandem-axle tipping trailers STK 802 - 2002 excel by a good driving comfort and flexible equipment options. The platform can be fitted with up to three side panels on top of each other, in order to equip the tipping trailer according to individual customer specifications.

Double-axle tipping trailers SZK - The transport professionals

The double-axle tipping trailers SZK 802-1802 are particularly suitable for being used when hitched in combination. Due to diverse equipment options, they can be individually adapted to customer needs. Thus, they are particularly flexible in use.

Strautmann dump trailer SMK SMK 1602 - 2402 

The Strautmann dump trailers have been designed for demanding and intensive use. The large capacities can still be increased and adapted to your needs by means of attachments. Whether silage or other bulk materials – the Strautmann dump trailer is the right vehicle for safe and efficient transport for any application.