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Verti Mix Single

Verti Mix Single - New Generation

The patented container embossing at the top of the container edge provides the Strautmann mixing container with additional rigidity. It serves as basis for variable container attachments helping you to adapt the capacity of the mixing container to your operational requirements. 

Be among those who benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in fodder mixing technology and become one of our approx. 20,000 reference businesses!

Machinery features

  • Usable mixing capacity of 14-31 m3 
  • Capacity expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments
  • All components have been designed for maximum capacity

Models available: 951, 1251, 1401, 1651

Augar Vario

All new machines are fitted with removable stainless wear plated, enhancing life of machines.

Verti Mix Single Extra Features

  • Front Cross Conveyer
  • Right hand discharge
  • Left hand discharge
  • Sliding Hydraulic option