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Magnon 11

Magnon 11 - no one cuts shorter

With an extremely short cutting length of only 22 mm, the Magnon 11 takes feed quality to a new level - for the highest milk output.

The very short cutting length allows for rapid distribution and maximum compression in the silo. This ensures optimal silage of the harvest and feed quality is increased. This increases food intake and animal health. Another positive effect of the short cut is the significantly higher load in the loading room.

Transportation costs are reduced and harvest is accelerated. In addition, the Magnon 11 can also be used by customers who have so far preferred the field chopper due to the short cutting length. This will increase the load of the truck.

Machinery Features

  • 3 models with 42, 46 and 52 m3 loading volume

  • 22 mm theoretical cutting length

  • Exact-cut cutting machine with 84 knives

  • Flex-Load Pick-Up

Unique - The Flex-Load pick-up

Minimum wear and optimum adaptation to ground due to the innovative Flex-Load pick-up with plastic tines.

Rotor and Cutting Unit

Unique fodder quality due to extremely short cutting length. 2.10 m overall rotor width with 8 tine rows.