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Magnon 8

Magnon 8 - The compact high-performance forage wagon for professionals

The Magnon series is known for high harvesting performance and is impressive at the silo with high unloading speeds thanks to the proven swivelling front wall. This makes this forage wagon generation unrivalled in terms of throughput and impact. The MagnonCFS 8 now brings these advantages in a compact design.

Due to the interaction of different components, the CFS unit ensures excellent performance with little power required. Pick-up, CFS roller, rotor, and Double-Cut cutting unit are ideally matched to each other and complement each other perfectly. This results not only in excellent silage quality but also in easy towing, thus saving power, money and time. Technical modification reserved.

Machinery Features

  • 3 models with 36, 40 and 44 m³ load volume

  • Cutting length of 35 mm

  • Well-known CFS loading unit

  • Flex-Load Pick-up

Unique - The Flex-Load pick-up

Minimum wear and optimum adaptation to ground due to the innovative Flex-Load pick-up with plastic tines.

Rotor and Cutting Unit

Conveying width of 2.10m with 8 helical tine rows - helically arranged - wide swathes are compactly conveyed to the conveyor duct.