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Tera Vitesse CFS

Tera Vitesse CFS - pure power

Strautmann has launched the multi-purpose forage wagon Tera Vitesse CFS for those users who demand maximum performance combined with maximum loading capacity. This forage wagon also convinces by its continuous flow system, which provides the wagon with low power requirement and a high throughput rate.

Machinery features

  •  Loading capacity by volume from 40 – 50 m3
  •  Continuous flow pick-up system
  •  Multi-purpose
  •  50 double sided knives at 35mm
  •  Power required from 176/240 kW
  •  ISOBUS Hydraulic Systems
  •  3 Axle Systems
  • Increased pickup width and bin capacity
  • The unique Strautmann conveying assembly consisting of pick-up, CFS drum, rotor and cutting unit achieved best results under any conditions.

Models available: 4201, 4601, 5201


In order to increase the periods of use of the forage wagons, Strautmann's offer the option to be used as a fully-fledged forage transport wagon. For this purpose, basic standard equipment is provided such as:

  • a solid tailgate with mechanical locking mechanism
  • open cargo space without body brackets or rope
  • hydraulic folding front panel
  • plastic floor with excellent gliding properties.


  • Cam-less pick-up
  • Plastic strippers
  • 2.21m in width
  • 6 tine rows placed in V-shape disperse the grass
  • Due to the additional CFS roller, the pick-up is in a very flat position, Optimum adaptation to ground.